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The address wasn't up to date, took me a while to find it

Shalom, 31 Mar 2021

excellent service

Stephen, 25 Mar 2021

Hopefully will be as good as all our previous orders which have been really great and tasty

Lawrence, 24 Mar 2021

Excellent service

Brocha, 23 Mar 2021

great website and easy ordering online

Binny, 23 Mar 2021

These comments are based on previous orders

Deborah, 21 Mar 2021

  Reply : Easier than future I guess ?

We all LOVE your food

Michelle, 16 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank You so Much x

Has been great in the past and hopefully will be as good tonight, thanks

Lawrence, 07 Mar 2021

I had four lamb shawarma yesterday. Never had such a heavenly test before ever. The lamb quality with the seasoning and the fresh cooked bread make it something especial that you can’t find anywhere else in Manchester. Price is high compared to other places but the quality justify it. Well done.

Dawoodi, 03 Mar 2021

  Reply : Thank you x


Anne, 24 Feb 2021

tasty food and good service

M Ullmann, 11 Feb 2021

We were very impressed with the service. Initially we tried to call ,but no one answered the phone so used the online service- we were a bit worried that some of the items would come with added extras we didn't want, however the order was completely correct and arrived in a box in exactly the amount of time predicted. Excellent service !

Estelle, 03 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you!


David, 01 Feb 2021

Food is always delicious. Thank you

Avremi Rosenberg , 24 Jan 2021

  Reply : Thank you tzadik x

good service

Ethan, 19 Jan 2021

Fabulous every time!!!

Marcus, 13 Jan 2021

  Reply : Yay! Thank you


Chaim, 11 Jan 2021

It's good

Meni, 10 Jan 2021

Excellent food

Suzanne, 06 Jan 2021

Always good and I'm sure my take away order for today will be as well. Thank you all

Lawrence, 29 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you x

Very good

Geoff, 27 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Very good

Geoff, 27 Dec 2020

amazing stuff. כמו בארץ

Efraim, 27 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks !

Amazing food and delivered exactly on time. Absolutely superb. Thank you.

Linda, 17 Dec 2020

  Reply : Thanks

Love the noodles

Lianne, 17 Dec 2020

very easy to use!

Elisabeth, 15 Dec 2020